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  Did you Know?

Did you know?
That washing your car at home  consumes up to 180 liters of water!

Did you know?
That washing your car at a conventional car wash consumes up to 200 liters of water!

Did you know?
That washing your car using KEENWASH consume only 150 ml of waterless car wash liquid!



Can you imagine a mobile car wash service that comes to you wherever you are?
At your home or work we come to take good care of your car, giving you more time to spend on things more important than washing your car.

But is it just a normal wash?

No , it 's far more than a regular wash.
It is a complete treatment program that uses the latest technologies in polymer science to give your car a fine layer of wax, that protects your car and give it an amazing shiny & sparkling look!

But the important question to ask is, How we do it?

Without using ANY DROP OF WATER ?!


Yes KEENWASH doesn’t waste any drop of our precious water on washing your car.
We use a very advanced formula that encapsulates and lifts the dirt particles off the surface of your vehicle .This unique ability of softening and emulsifying grime prevents scratching your car during wiping the surface by using a terry cloth towel.

With KEENWASH, you can rest assure that your car will be treated with the highest quality products that was manufactured for one purpose only " High Standard Car Detailing".

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